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House Cleaning Check List

Nooks, crannies, edges and spiderwebs.

Cleaning is a chore, but with this checklist and our tips, it will help make your job easier as you go along tackling your cleaning tasks.

Cleaning Tips

  • Stay focused and on the task you're doing so you don't have to backtrack. Make every move count to complete  cleaning quickly.
  • When you enter a room, start cleaning at the top then work to the bottom.
  • Work from the back to the front and left to right as you are moving your way around a room.
  • Clean only one area at a time, and clean the area thoroughly to avoid backtracking.
  • Use a bucket or basket to carry your cleaning supplies with you. Now you won't have to stop what you are doing to go find the right cleaning product.
  • You should always do the dusting first then do the vacuuming. Begin your dusting from the highest place in the room such as the shelves and top of the cabinets, moving further and further lower as you move along. The dust you have disturbed will settle on the floor, where you can easily vacuum it away. Dusting with a damp rag vs a feather duster will pick up more dust on the cleaning rag and keep it from becoming airborne.

This house cleaning checklist will assist you in getting the job done efficiently.

Download this free House Cleaning Checklist in Word format.

Living Area, Hallways, Stairs:   Bedrooms:
* All Areas Dusted   * Carpet Vacuumed/Edged
* Furniture Vacuumed   * Linen Changed
* Hardwood/Tile Floors Mopped/Dried   * Beds Made
* Carpet Vacuumed/Edged   * All Areas Dusted
* Baseboards Dusted   * Picture Frames Dusted
* Cobwebs Removed   * Mirrors Cleaned
* Window Sills Wiped Down   * Windo Sills Wiped
* Spot Clean Walls   * Spot Clean Walls
* Wipe Switch Plates   * Clean Switch Plates,
* Glass Tables Cleaned   * Empty Trash
* Picture Frames Dusted   * Wipe Baseboards
* Lamp Shases Dusted   * Lampshades Dusted
Kitchen:   Bathroom:
* Countertops/Backsplash Cleaned   * Sink Cleaned, Disinfected
* Cabinet Fronts Wiped   * Tub/Shower Tiles Cleaned
* Sinks Scrubbed/Disinfected   * Chrome Fixtures
* Floor Vacuumed/Mopped/Dried   * Toilet Cleaned/Disinfected
* Outside Of Appliances Wiped   * Vanity Top
* Small Appliances Wiped   * Countertop Items Organized
* Window Sills Cleaned   * Towels Changed
* Baseboards Dusted or Wiped   * Mirrors Cleaned
* Spot Wipe Walls   * Window Sills Wiped Down
* Trash Emptied   * Wipe Baseboards
* Dishes Washed   * Vacuum/Mop/Dry Floor
* Shelves/Cabinets (inside & out)   * Clean Switchplates
* Wash Or Dust Table and Chairs   * Dust Walls & Remove Cobwebs
* Clean Switchplates    
* Dust walls & cobwebs    

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