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How to Remove Stains from Clothing

Removing stains can be difficult if you don't know where to start. The key is to determine the stains type, it's origin, the fabric that is stained, and then you can find the specific removal process that you need to use for the stain.

Try these easy and very simple clothing stain removal tips to get those pesky laundry stains out.

Act Quickly

Fresh stains are much easier to remove than old stains. It is best to treat stains just as soon as you discover them, right when they happen. The effects of time, heat (going through the dryer) have the effect of setting and permanently embedding a stain in the fabric.

Follow Directions

If you use a stain remover, follow the directions exactly. Even though you can buy these products from the grocery store, they are powerful, and if not used correctly they will damage the fabric. You should read the clothing manufacturers instructions and follow the recommended laundering instructions.

Test The Fabric

Make sure you always test your stain removal product first in an inconspicuous spot or on a hidden seam first. Check for the fabrics response and its colorfastness before applying a stain treatment.

Work From the Back of the Fabric

When removing stains, always work from the back of the fabric/area where the stain occurred. The point is to push the stain out, not further in to the fabric if it has not penetrated all the way through the fabric.

Use Harsh Chemicals Sparingly

Use only just enough of the cleaning chemicals for stain removal. You do not need to saturate the stain.

Some cleaning chemicals are flammable, and I'd say none of them are good for you to breath in, or to get on your skin. Read the stain removal product instructions carefully for proper use.

Use Bleach Cautiously

Bleach by itself is not a good choice for stain removal if you only have one small spot, or if the clothing is not white. Bleach actually degrades fabrics with continued use, and if your garment is colored, it's use will likely result in very noticeable uneven color removal.

Never Mix Cleaning Products

Even the most common cleaning products can become deadly if mixed. (ammonia mixed with bleach produces a deadly gas when mixed, as an example) Never mix different chemicals or cleaning products. Make sure you read all instructions carefully prior to use.

Know When To Fold 'em

Unfortunately some stains will never come out, and no tips will help to get rid of them. There are too many variables involved with the material, it's age, and the type of stain involved. But if you treat the stain gently, and keep trying, you may be able to get the pesky stain out without damaging the clothing or its color.

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