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Best Method for Cleaning Berber Carpets

Berber carpets are beautiful, but probably the hardest to maintain and clean.

The carpet pulls dirt towards the bottom of the fibers and keeps it there because the loops, twists and lumps in the weave makes it difficult to extract dirt with a vacuum.

It's even difficult for professional carpet cleaners that have special cleaning equipment to clean.


Vacuum Berber frequently. Do not use a vacuum cleaner that has a beater bar on it. This will cause fuzzing, fraying, tearing and shredding and will ruin Berber carpeting.

A beater bar can even snag on a loop and pull the entire string out of the carpet.

The carpet should be cleaned with vacuum that uses suction only. (the more suction the better) And don't be super aggressive or rough when vacuuming to avoid damaging the fibers. Slow, steady and thorough suction vacuuming is the best way to vacuum this carpet.

Steam Cleaning

Because of the unique way the Berber carpet is made, it holds dirt, wicks water and stains more easily. Berbers hold on to stains more than other carpets and stains can come back more readily after being cleaned.

I recommend that you steam clean the carpet every 6 months or so, or a minimum of once a year. Steam cleaning will help pull out any dirt and grime that has settled to the bottom of the carpet fibers.

The carpet loops cause more water to be contained in the carpet fiber when steam cleaning. The water is harder to extract, and the carpet takes longer to dry than other type of carpeting.

But it's important to remove as much of the water as possible when steam cleaning. If you don't extract all the moisture from Berber when cleaning, it can cause the carpet to mildew at the base- which is not a good thing.

Cleaning Solution

Make sure you use a carpet cleaner specially formulated for carpeting, or better yet, plain water only.

You should never use detergent/soap when cleaning ANY type of carpet because detergent will leave a residue that you will not be able to suction back out.

This soapy residue is essentially sticky and adheres to the carpet fiber and dirt sticks to it too! You'll end up with a dirty mess in a few short weeks because of the soap residue that remains.

How to Clean Berber Carpet

Here's my cleaning tips on the best way to clean Berber carpeting:

  • Put a throw rug by the door before you walk on a Berber carpet to keep dirt and grit off the carpet.
  • Limit food and drink in a room with a Berber carpet. This one tip will save you lots of trouble.
  • Clean up spills as soon as they happen. Then pour a little baking soda on the spot to try to soak up the rest of the moisture on the carpet. Vacuum.
  • All Berber carpets do well with frequent vacuuming. It’s better not to let grime and dirt work its way down into Berber carpets because once it gets down into the loops it’s hard to get out.
  • If there are any stains on your carpet, blot them with clean, cold water or vinegar and water.
  • Don’t use a vacuum with a beater bar or a rotating brush because it can snag and tear the loops of these carpets.
  • Use a vacuum with very good suction to get out as much deep down dirt as possible.
  • The best way to clean nylon Berber carpet is dry cleaning. It’s hard to get the water out of dense Berber carpets so drying times are increased if these carpets are steam cleaned.
  • The best way to clean olefin Berber carpets is steam cleaning with high extraction water recovery that is provided by truck mount cleaning services.

It might sound difficult to keep Berber carpets clean, but if you keep these tips in mind, your carpet will stay beautiful for years to come.

Don’t be afraid to buy a Berber carpet. They’re beautiful to look at, durable, and not as hard to clean as long as you keep up on it. Perhaps the best way to keep them clean is not to let them get dirty in the first place- (Oh, how we wish!)

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