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How To Clean Wood Floors Like A Professional

Cleaning Wood Floors Efficiently

If you’re like most folks, you absolutely love your hardwood floors. Not only are they beautiful but they look natural and radiate a feeling of warmth throughout your entire home. However, you may not know which products to use to keep wood floors looking their best.

In this brief article, we take the guess work out of the hardwood cleaning process and teach you 8 tips to help you maintain and clean your hardwood floors efficiently.

Our goal is to teach you some professional cleaning tips that will help protect and add life to your investment.

How To Keep Wood Floors Looking Great

Remember that prevention is the key to having great floors. Always remove heavy shoes or high heels whenever possible so they don’t can cause permanent dents or scruff marks.

Never drag furniture or other heavy items across your hardwood floors and use pads under the furniture to cushion the surface so that you don’t cause permanent damage.

In highly traffic areas, you may consider placing large rugs or mats to protect your floors from damage.

Be sure that you understand and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning and preserving your hardwood floors. This is because they have perfected the maintenance process and following their recommendations will ensure that your floors are well protected.

Waxing and Buffing Wood Floors

There is no getting around it, every few years; your floors will likely require professional waxing and buffing. Although you could rent the equipment and do it yourself, it's a labor intensive job and one that requires professional expertise; therefore, we highly recommend that you hire a professional to assist you with this important task.

Keep Dirt Off Wood Floors

Remember that dirt and grim are your floor’s worst enemy. They not only dull the floor’s finish and surface, but they can cause permanent damage.

If your wood floors are in good shape, you should damp mop them with a neutral pH wood cleaner and water. Make sure that you don’t get the floor too wet. If the floors are already damaged, deeply scratched or marred, you may want to use only a dust mop.

Wood Floor Care

Don't sweep hardwood floors - use a dust mop. When cleaning, use a neutral pH cleaner or if you have real old unfinished wood floors Murphy's Oil Soap, which is specifically formulated for REAL unfinished (OLD) hardwood floors.

Use minimal water, and be sure to dry the floors after cleaning to pick up additional dirt as well as reduce streaking or the formation of water spots.

Keep spills wiped up. It's a good idea to restrict children from having soda, juice or other drinks in rooms with nice, hardwood floors. If they must, have them sit at a table. If spills happen, and they will, be sure to clean them up quickly and don't allow the liquid to seep in and dry. That will cause spotting and may also cause permanent unsightly damage to the floor.

Protect Your Hardwood Floors From The Sun

When the bright sun beams through your beautiful clean windows, remember to close drapes, blinds or curtains to protect the damaging rays on your wood floors. It does draw the natural oils out of the wood and damages it just as surely as driftwood on the beach. It does take time, but it will happen.

Watch for the appearance of damaged or warped boards. These, along with boards with gouges or holes, and deep stains will need professional replacement.

With proper care and maintenance, your beautiful hardwood floors should last a lifetime and you'll be the envy of all your neighbors!

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