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Cleaning Kitchen Countertops

Your countertop is your workstation.

You need the kitchen counters to look good so that when the guests come over, it is spotless.

There are plenty of ways a counter top can get stained and grungy looking.

Whether you thought of this or not when the kitchen countertop was installed is another story!

So, let's start cleaning.

General Cleaning:

  • Always use a mild dish washing detergent on the countertop.
  • Always use clean water to rinse off any soap or cleanser residue that is left behind.
  • Remove any types of appliances or cutting boards before cleaning.
  • Wipe off the bottoms of your appliances before putting them back in place.
  • Do not use hard abrasives when cleaning to avoid scratching.
  • Make sure to get under the lip of the countertop and the back splash area.
  • If there is debris or particles that are not coming off easily, apply pressure and use the abrasive side of the sponge. (Don't scratch it!)
  • Use a clean terry cloth to dry it, or allow it to air dry.

Heavy Duty Cleaning:

Sometimes it may be a bit harder to get the grime off of your kitchen countertops.

  • Get a soft bristled brush and pH balanced cleaner. There are commercial brands that work well. Make sure that you test these out in a hidden area to make sure that they will not damage the surface of your countertops.
  • Follow the directions provided with the solution to insure that it is used correctly.
  • One of my tricks to remove stuck on debris is to use the edge of a credit card to scrape it off. This works without scratching
  • Stuck on gunk in corners and edges can be cleaned using an old toothbrush- This works great to get areas where the sponge can't clean well
  • Some kinds of counters can handle some stronger acid base cleaners to clean and remove stains. Make sure to follow the directions provided on these solutions to insure that they are used in the proper manner.

Cleaning Stone Countertops:

There are some countertops that require a bit more attention to the details.

Stone can be easily damaged or etched if the wrong products are used on them. Those that are looking for a method to clean stone on your kitchen counters should follow this one closely.

  • First- insure that the stone has been properly sealed- before you use it and before you try to wash it. The sealer will protect the finish, reducing stains and potential damage caused by spills.
  • Spills and messes need to be cleaned up as quickly as possible. Acidic spills such as pickle juice or orange juice can etch some stone and dull their luster.
  • To wash stone counters, use a mild dish washing detergent mixed with hot water.
  • Don't scrub hard or use abrasives when cleaning. Clean with a sponge or use a soft bristled brush.
  • Once washed, rinse the countertops off with clean water. Dry it with a clean terry cloth.

When you follow this method of cleaning your kitchen countertops, you will succeed in having a wonderfully clean counters. You should always follow the directions provided to you by the manufacturer if you are trying to remove stains.

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