How to Clean Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are all the rage these days. No one seems to renovate their kitchen anymore without installing granite countertops.

But, you may wonder, how hard are they to take care of? Is it easy to clean granite? Absolutely!

One of the hardest stones available for countertops, granite comes from hardened magma inside volcanoes, which makes it extremely durable and easy to clean once it is polished. Of course, like any natural material, there are chemicals and minerals that can damage or erode it, so you do need to learn what to use (and not use) on your granite countertops.

Here are a few things you will need to keep in mind to keep those beautiful (and expensive) countertops looking their best.

When cleaning your granite countertops, remember these simple do’s and don’ts:

How To Clean:

How NOT To Clean:

Made from volcanic magma, granite is a hard stone that can withstand a lot of use and even some abuse, but keep in mind that certain chemicals can wear it down and make it less durable.

To keep your granite countertops looking their very best for years to come, you do need to be sure to clean them the right way.

Follow these simple tips and you will be able to enjoy the beauty of granite in your kitchen for a long time without the worry or expense of replacing them.