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Tips For Organizing Small Spaces

Unless you’re a Lilliputian, small space can be a giant problem.

Organizing small space is a science, a learned science, and an art form. If you successfully organize your small space and keep your sanity, give yourself a medal.

One of the first things you must do to exist in a small space is to downsize your possessions. That means not just getting rid of clutter or stuff you don’t need, but it could mean going without things you want.

If you are moving from a house to a small studio apartment, or a dorm as college students must do, choose the items you cannot do without. Bare necessities are the rule. Unless you have understanding parents or relatives who will keep storage boxes for you, invest in a storage facility for the superfluous banking on the day when you will again have adequate space.

Regardless of the reason and the duration, the issue at hand is organizing small space to the best possible advantage.

How To Organize a Small Room

Organizing A Small Kitchen

  • Organize by category items in your kitchen cabinets.
  • Put all glassware together, then cups, plates, bowls, plastic ware, etc. If available, place each collection on a separate shelf.
  • Put gravy mixes, Jell-O, pudding mixes, sauces, etc., in a clear plastic freezer zip bag, or in a plastic storage box on a shelf.
  • Keep spices together on a spice rack. Salt and Pepper can be left on the stove, or on the counter.
  • Put all plastic ware together in a cabinet or drawer.
  • Put recipe books on a shelf near the stove.
  • Avoid cluttering your countertop with anything other than what you use every day – coffee pot, microwave, etc.
  • Keep your refrigerator clean – toss uneaten portions of food; keep opened condiments tightly closed.
  • Clean out your refrigerator each time bring groceries home.

How to Organize a Small Bathroom

Keep your hair care products, lotions, toothpaste and any other products you use in a plastic tub. Use when needed then place under the counter. This keeps your counter top clutter free and organized.

Use a shower caddy for soap and shampoo. Avoid a musty smell in your bathroom by picking up wet towels, and using a squeegee on the shower walls immediately after showering.

Don’t leave magazines or newspapers lying around, and don’t leave clothing in a heap on the floor.

Pick it all up every day and put things away.

How to Organize a Small Closet

  1. Sort clothes to category: work, school, formal and casual
  2. Gather up clothes that no longer fit or are out of style and donate to a thrift store or shelter.
  3. Rotate clothes according to the season. Keep in-season clothes within easy reach and the others further back.
  4. Hang belts and ties on racks. 5. Use a shoe rack or shoe bag that hangs on the closet door.

Organizing a small room space can be a real challenge but if you avoid clutter and dispose of unused or unneeded items on a regular basis, you can come home to a neat and tidy room or apartment every day. It takes discipline but it’s a habit well worth cultivating.

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