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Review of KleenJet Mega Steam Cleaner

The Kleen Jet Mega 1000 CV is a steam cleaner designed for commercial applications. This unit features continuous cleaning capability and the ability to wet/dry vacuum.

At 56 lbs, this machine is fairly heavy, but it is still considered a portable machine, and with dimensions of 28”L X 19”W X 36” H, it can still fit into a vehicle, and does not need to be truck mounted. It also comes with a free cart for easy mobility.

The Kleen Jet Mega 1000CV is manufactured by Daimer Industries, and is backed by a full 1 year parts and labor warranty, an additional 3 year parts only warranty, and a lifetime warranty on the boiler. It is priced from about $2993.00.

KleenJet 1000CV Features:

  • 3 Liter Detergent Tank
  • Vacuum Capabilities
  • Continuous Refill Tank
  • HEPA and Water Filtration

3 Liter Detergent Tank:

The addition of the 3 liter detergent tank on the Mega 1000CV means you’ll be able to power away stains and stubborn dirt and grime. With easy hand controls, the operator controls the amount of detergent and steam dispensed.

Vacuum Capability:

The Mega 1000CV features wet/dry vacuum capability. Dry vacuum dirt, allergens, pet hair from carpets, floors and other surfaces; the debris gets deposited into water for easy disposal. Wet vacuuming eliminates the need for towel that steam cleaners that do not have extraction ability may require.

Continuous Refill Tank:

There is no down time with this machine. You can steam clean for hours on end because the Mega 1000CV has a continuous refill tank; there is no need to stop your cleaning to reheat water. As long as you have water, you have steam at your fingertips.

HEPA and Water Filtration:

HEPA filtration and water filtration mean particles as small as 3 microns are removed from your environment and are easily disposed of. There is no fear of these particles escaping when you dispose of them; they are washed down the drain, as opposed to possibly escaping back into the air, as is possible when emptying either a bag less vacuum or a vacuum that uses bags. This system is designed to keep the indoor air quality as high as possible.

KleenJet 1000CV Recommendations:

Reviewers all had the same comment – once they started cleaning, they couldn’t stop! And because of the continuous refill feature on this machine, they didn’t have too! Reviewers were all very impressed with the results they got with the Mega 1000CV; it does an amazing job on tile and grout without any additional products necessary.

Reviewers used this product for home cleaning projects such as the bathrooms, kitchens, and refrigerators and they also found it worked great on BBQ grills, and to assist taking down old wall paper. The other comment reviewers had in common was the high quality accessories. There is nothing more frustrating to many people, than attaching an accessory that breaks after the first use! Daimer’s accessories are made of high quality materials and work they way they are supposed to.

The one negative perhaps is the price, this is an expensive piece of equipment, but it is built to last. It is constructed out of durable stainless steel, so you won’t have to worry about the boiler being pitted and possibly ending up leaking by contact with minerals in water. Also, the rod element is removable and replaceable, which means you avoid costly boiler repairs.

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