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Review of the Ladybug XLT Steam Cleaner

The Ladybug XLT2300 is a professional quality steam cleaner with the TANCS disinfection system.

It can be used for both residential and commercial applications.

Use the steam cleaner to clean and disinfect all types of surfaces, and all sorts of dirt, including grease with just the power of steam; no extra cleaning chemicals necessary.

The Ladybug XLT is priced from $1699, and is backed with a 1 year warranty on parts and labor.

The boiler has an 8 year warranty.

The XLT is portable and maneuverable, and weighs approximately 16.5 pounds.

Ladybug XLT Steam Cleaner Features:

  • Continuous Fill Boiler
  • Multiple Applications
  • Fingertip Control
  • Accessories

Continuous Fill Boiler:

A continuous fill boiler means you’ll always have steam available for use when you need it.

The fill reservoir is separate from the boiler reservoir, and if necessary you can even operate the steam cleaner without the cap on the fill reservoir without losing steam pressure.

Multiple Applications:

The XLT is capable of steam cleaning many different types of surfaces including windows, glass and mirrors.

Flooring surfaces such as hardwood floors, ceramic tile, vinyl and concrete are easily cleaned with the XLT.

Use it to clean blinds, mini blinds, vertical blinds, drapes and other window covering.

You can even safely use the XLT on fragile surfaces such as wall paper and paneling.

The Ladybug XLT disinfects while it cleans using the TANCS system.

TANCS is an acronym for Thermo Accelerated Nano Crystal Sanitation.

Fingertip Control:

The steam volume can be adjusted by using the regulator dial located on the handle.

This adjusts the steam to the surface you are cleaning.

For example, dial down the volume will protect delicate surfaces.


Standard accessories included with the Lady Bug XLT 2300 are 3 different styles of nozzle brushes, a triangular brush, floor brush, 2 extension wands, a 6.7 foot flexible hose, a squeegee tool, a crevice tool, funnel, boiler drain tool, and most importantly, an instructional DVD and user manual.

Other accessories available for separate purchase include a clothes brush, a steam iron, additional brush styles, and a tool called a plumber’s helper for unclogging drains.

The on board tool caddy means you’ll have all the attachments you need for any cleaning job right within your reach.

An audible alert sounds a warning when you need to refill the boiler before you completely run out of steam cleaning power.

Lady Bug XLT Recommendations:

If you can afford the investment, the Lady Bug XLT 2300 is a worthwhile investment.

Not only can this be used for residential use; it destroys germs, bacteria, and allergens making your home environmentally safe.

Dirt and grease are effectively removed from surfaces without the use of harsh solvents. No more intense scrubbing required.


Cleans, deodorizes and disinfectants with only water.

Accessories are available to help you tackle any cleaning job.

Safe to use on a variety of surfaces, both indoors and out.

All surface cleaning system


It’s expensive.

It can be a little messy.

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