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Review of the Panasonic OptiFlow Platinum Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The OptiFlow Performance Plus Platinum Upright vacuum (MC-UG773) is an upright style vacuum manufactured by the Panasonic Company.

OptiFlow is a system designed to increase suction performance of the vacuum. Traditional upright vacuums lose suction as the bag fills, because of reduced air flow.

The OptiFlow system features a double walled bag compartment, and a removable vented bag caddy. This means up to 1/3 more air can flow through the bag chamber.

The OptiFlow is priced from about $500, and is backed by a 2 year parts and labor warranty, and a 5 year warranty on the motor.

Panasonic OptiFlow Features:

  • Metal agitator
  • Automatic Carpet Height Adjustment
  • Side Hinged Door

Metal Agitator:

The MC-UG773 has a metal agitator that has 3 rows of bristle brushes. Most vacuums have agitators, or beater bars, that only have 2 rows of brushes.

The addition of the third row of brushes makes this vacuum up to 50 percent more effective in removing embedded dirt than the traditional 2 row style beater bar.

Automatic Carpet Height Adjustment:

The MC-UG773 is designed with a floating nozzle that automatically adjusts to the perfect setting for the height of the carpet to be vacuumed.

There are no levers or knobs that need to be adjusted. You’ll be able to flow quickly and efficiently from one area to another.

Side Hinged Door:

A unique feature of this vacuum is the side hinged door. This door allows for extremely easy access to the disposable vacuum bag and the filter whenever they need to be changed.

Panasonic OptiFlow Recommendations:

This vacuum is recommended. It is backed by a longer than customary warranty, and has parts that are manufactured out of metal.

This typically means the vacuum is more durably built, and lasts longer than cheaper plastic varieties.


This model vacuum has features that are built to make your cleaning as convenient as possible.

Features such as a headlight, so you can see what you are vacuuming, and onboard tool storage, so you don’t have to look for misplaced items, make this vacuum easy and convenient to use.

The MC-UG773 has superior suction, due to the OptiFlow design system.

When you need to change the vacuum belt, you won’t have to go searching for tools to assist you. No tools are required when changed the belt.

If you have an allergy sufferer in your home, this vacuum has true HEPA filtration to remove those bothersome pollens and dust particles.


This is a fairly heavy model. It weighs about 25 pounds.

Unfortunately although metal manufacturing means a more durable product, it also adds weight as metal is heavier than plastic.

It comes with only one wand extension. Some users may find that the one extension does not give you enough wand to reach high areas.

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