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Review of Simplicity Freedom Vacuum

Simplicity’s Freedom vacuum is a lightweight vacuum designed to be easy to use. Simplicity claims the Freedom out cleans the competitions lightweight model by 33 percent. Because this is a lightweight vacuum, you can easily take it where you need it, upstairs or downstairs. You can even use this vacuum on the stairs.

Simplicity prices the Freedom series from $309.95, and backs the vacuum with a 3 year parts and labor warranty.

Simplicity Freedom Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Durability
  • Filtration


The Freedom is a lightweight vacuum. It weighs about 8 lbs which means it is easy to carry up stairs if necessary and easy for a person with physically limitations to use.


The Freedom F3300 has 4 plastic wheels, and an aluminum handle tube. The nozzle is made from ABS plastic, and the bottom plate is constructed from tough polycarbonate. The F3500 (MSRP is $399.95) has 4 rubber wheels, and the handle is steel. The nozzle is ABS, and the bottom plate polycarbonate.

The F3600 (MSRP is $569.95) has 6 rubber wheels, and the bottom plate is polycarbonate with a metal wear strip as well. The F3700 (MSRP $699.95) is similar in construction to the F3600, except it has the addition of a steel brushroll that has 2 rows of replaceable brushstrips. The other models feature wooden brushrolls. The F3700 also has a lifetime serpentine belt.


The F3300 filtration system consists of a twin ply electrostatic bag. The other models use vacuum bags with HEPA filtration.

Useful Characteristics:

All Freedom models have power cords that are 30 feet long – more than enough cord to keep your vacuuming and not continually searching for a new power outlet.

On The F3300, the handle consists of foam. On all other models, the handle is ergonomically looped.

All models are equipped with a soft furniture guard around the base of the vacuum, so you don’t accidentally damage your furniture if you bump it with the vacuum. All Freedom models except the F3300 are also equipped with a quick cord release.

Simplicity Freedom Recommendations:

The vacuums are sturdy and well built, and backed by a long manufacturer’s warranty. One reviewer wrote that in the 5 years she owned and used her vacuum, the only thing she had to do was change bags, and the belt. And she only had to change the belt once.

The only negative thing about this vacuum is because it is so lightweight, metal parts have been replaced with plastic, and it has a smaller motor than other vacuums made by Simplicity. The only other minor negative point is once again, to keep this a lightweight vacuum, there are no onboard tools. You’ll have to purchase a separate small canister vacuum for above floor cleaning or for crevice cleaning.

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