Dishwasher stain on drinking glasses

How to remove inorganic stains. Inorganic stains come from material that is not from a living organism such as lime and mineral deposits, rust, soap scum, and stains from chemicals.

Dishwasher stain on drinking glasses

Postby dwasniewski » Mon Jan 12, 2009 9:16 am

Hello -
Over time and for whatever reason, I now have a filmy stain of somekind on all of my drinking glasses that I've washed in my dishwasher. I've looked at my silverware and dishes and they seem to be ok. I've tried rewashing the glasses by hand with regular detergent and even with oxyclean, but I cannot seem to remove the film, Can you tell me what this could be from as I use name brand dishwashing detergents and rinse agents. How I can get rid of this film on my glasses in lieu of replacing them all. Thank you for any assistance you can provide. :D
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Re: Dishwasher stain on drinking glasses

Postby mrscleannw » Tue Jan 13, 2009 11:49 am

Hello dwasniewski,

Welcome to the forum. The problem could be caused by one of two things:
One. If your glasses are fine crystal, they should never go in the dishwasher and always washed by hand. After using your crystal, rinse them as soon as possible. If you don’t get the chance to completely wash them until the next day that’s fine just don’t leave them soaking overnight.

You can wash crystal with a gentle pH neutral cleaner and warm water. You should not use any type of abrasive cleaner on them as this will damage the glass or etch it. Line the bottom of the sink with a rubber mat, a thick dishtowel or a washcloth. This will help avoid chipping and breakage, should the glassware slip while being washed. Wash each piece individually. Never soak crystal.
Another site; ... rystal.asp, states denture cleaning tablets remove stains from crystal. The oxidizing agents in the cleaning tablets are the primary stain removers and act as a whitener/bleaching agent.

After all that hard work, dry your crystal by hand with a lint-free cloth. Do not let them air-dry.

Two. For non-crystal drink ware the most common cause of filming is a mineral deposit from your water (hard water) adhering to the glass. The calcium and magnesium in hard water drops left on glassware at the end of the washing cycle will dry in place. Detergent will not remove these spots. The next time they are washed, new spots will leave more hardness minerals which will increase the amount of filming.

A hardness film build-up can be removed by treating with white vinegar or citric acid. Commercial products are also available. Follow dishwasher manufacturer’s instructions to get the best results.
Rinse additives are chemical wetting agents that permit water to “sheet off” glassware instead of clinging and leaving spots.

You could try soaking glasses in water/vinegar for several hours to dissolve hard water minerals that become embedded.

Let us know what worked for you.
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