full of coal dust

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Postby priya » Fri Jan 23, 2009 8:20 pm

hello :)
am new to this forum and am desperately trying to find a solution.My house is near a place where coal is dumped in the open space and then transported to other areas.My house is always under layers of coal dust,no matter how hard i try to keep it clean.I've even closed all the windows,little help.I just can't seem to keep the place clean.any suggestions so frustrated and desparate :?
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Re: full of coal dust

Postby mrscleannw » Mon Jan 26, 2009 1:23 pm

Hello priya,

Here are some things which capture dust in homes.
Carpets, draperies, knickknacks, books and magazines, pets, upholstered furniture, and fireplaces are some of the things that increase dust levels. Infrequent cleaning, location of your home, condition of your yard, and condition of the central air system can all contribute to the amount of dust in your home.

Here are a few ideas you may want to try.

Forced air heating systems
blow dust around. Dust control may be achieved by installing a pleated fabric filter, paper filter, or high performance filter (they attract and capture dust) to help remove dust from the air as your system operates. Manufacturers often recommend that filters be changed every few months (especially if you share your home with pets). It is always in your best interest to check with the utility company or the manufacturer before making changes.

Your duct system
can be cleaned and checked for leaks.

Air purifiers
are also a good investment. Make sure you get one that washes clean, not one with a paper filter. The ones with the removable filters just need to be taken out and washed with warm water. This allows you to clean them every week.

frequently with a machine equipped with HEPA filters.

Feather dusters and string mops only push the dust around, some people like using microfiber cleaning cloths which attract and hold the dust and some people like using a damp cloth which works just as well.

Curtains and heavy drapery capture dust. Consider replacing them with blinds or shutters, which are easily cleaned.

Keep clothing in drawers, and closet doors closed.

Select easily cleaned decorations instead of silk or dried flower arrangement.

Let us know what worked for you.
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Re: full of coal dust

Postby dwayne.eri » Wed Mar 04, 2009 11:38 pm

The byproducts of coal combustion are considerably hazardous to the environment if not properly contained. This is Clean Coal's largest challenge, both from the practical and public relations perspectives.
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