Leather Sofa Odor Challenge....HELP ASAP!!

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Leather Sofa Odor Challenge....HELP ASAP!!

Postby JoMama » Mon Feb 27, 2012 6:40 am

Hello. I am in dire need of assistance! I "cleaned" my leather sofa with an oil that I believed to have come with the cleaning kit and have been sadly mistaken. I oiled the sofa with mink oil and the smell is bothersome to others in my household. Does anyone have any ideas of how to remove the oil odor? It has been suggested to use saddle soap, then to use a leather conditioner (any ideas for a good smelling one?), and then perhaps using zeolite? Please help!!
thank you
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Re: Leather Sofa Odor Challenge....HELP ASAP!!

Postby mrscleannw » Thu Mar 01, 2012 1:36 pm

Hello JoMama and welcome to our forum.

Sorry to hear what happen to your sofa, a true mink oil does have a different smell that some may not care for.

Test First
Check the tag on your sofa or call the manufacturer or the store where you purchased it to see if there are any specifics they recommend for cleaning.

Before using a new cleaning solution, remember to test in an inconspicuous spot first to make sure there are no changes in color. Give it at least 24 hours after testing.

Cleaning the Leather

I would not use saddle soap as it is very alkaline (much more than a mild detergent), it contains soap, lanolin, and bees wax among other ingredients. The soap in it has to be rinsed thoroughly in order not to damage the soft, suppleness of the leather. Saddle soap works great on saddles but not so great your leather sofa.

    1. Work in sections, wipe on, and wipe off.

    2. Using a gentle liquid hand soap or detergent, squirt some on a damp cloth then rub over an area of the sofa (for instance the arm) using a circular motion. Do not squirt the cleaner directly on the sofa.

    3. Use a second clean, damp, and soft cloth to go over the area you just cleaned to remove any soapy residue, again using a circular motion.

    4. When you have cleaned the whole couch; dry with a soft cloth.

Conditioning the Leather
After cleaning you will have removed some of the natural oils in the leather and will need to put it back to keep your sofa looking great.

You can use either neatsfoot oil or the raw or food grade linseed oil. Use a clean, dry, and soft cloth to put a small amount of oil on the sofa. Again, work in sections using a circular motion as you go. Add more oil when necessary in small amounts.

If the surface looks more shiny than usual, you may have used too much oil. If this happens use another clean, soft cloth to wipe off any excess.

Eliminating Odors
There is a product called Gonzo Odor Eliminator (or zeolite) that is made with 100% odorless volcanic materials that won't just cover up odors but get rid of them. It's non-toxic and environmentally safe for humans and pets. Put it under your couch to absorb any remaining odors.

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