Stinky toilet!

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Stinky toilet!

Postby stbrown87 » Thu Apr 23, 2009 8:27 pm

Okay so here is the deal . My boyfriend and I share a bathroom with two other people and whoever visits. I am a clean freak and always love to see and smell everything clean. My problem is our toilet smells very foul .. No matter how many times or how much I detail it. I have tried toilet gel , bleach , pine sol , clorox inside and outside of the toilet. The toilet will smell decent for the first couple hours and then the smell will be back with a vengeance. Does anyone know what I can do.? Im at my wits end! Any advice would be great! Thank you
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Re: Stinky toilet!

Postby mrscleannw » Mon Apr 27, 2009 1:13 pm

Hello stbrown87, welcome to the forum.

Let’s face it ….. cleaning the toilet is no fun.

To get a healthier, cleaner toilet try this method:

    Using bleach or comet, pour about a cup into the bowl and let it sit while cleaning the outside and around the toilet.
    Using a disinfecting and deodorizing spray clean the seat, lid, the tank (getting under and behind the tank as best you can), the handle, outside the bowl, and the wall surfaces around the toilet.

Once this has been completed, return to the inside of the toilet and scrub it down with a brush making sure to get under the rim where germs and mold hide.

If all this fails to stop the odors the problem could be bigger than just your cleaning method. The foul smell could be gas seeping in from the waste-line due to an improperly sealed wax gasket or other odor causing material under the toilet where you can’t get to.

To clean under the toilet and replace the gasket either call a plumber or if you’re up for it you could have the boys lift the toilet from the floor so you can clean underneath it.

    First turn off the water supply to the toilet. The shut off valve is usually located on the wall behind the toilet.
    Lift the plastic caps from the sides of the toilet and remove the hold down bolts holding the toilet to the floor and remove the plastic piece that holds the caps on, make sure to clean these before replacing.
    After lifting the toilet, clean underneath it making sure to get the remains of the old wax ring from the drain pipe completely off.
    Check the Johnny bolts to see if they might need to be replaced.
    Completely clean the floor under to toilet area.
    Clean the area around the Johnny bolts.
    Before replacing the toilet install a new wax ring around the drain pipe. Make sure this is properly seated as this stops sewer gas from leaking in.
    Re-caulk around the toilet and replace the hold down bolts and the plastic piece that holds on the cap.
    Turn the water supply back on.

Good luck.
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